Another day, another outstanding export from the Gothenburg scene. This time it’s Overjoyed, whose new single “Downer” is a rip-roaring, full throttle blast of electricity that takes on the social taboo of how one presents one’s self in public v. what their true feelings may actually be.

The trio manage to hold themselves back a bit when needed without conceding too much of the atmosphere, even allowing the room to breathe with shifts and gliding tempo changes before bringing the energy right back to where it started. It’s not necessarily buzz saw, but “Downer” has a tight three minutes in sight that doesn’t waver as they dash towards the finish line.

Which leads us back to the words. There’s a clear focus on seeking deeper meaning and variety in life. There’s a feeling of sunken dreams, and then there’s the elephant in the room – trying to move forward since everyone expects you to suppress your emotions.

Tobias Ringsten says, “Cry inside, but don’t let it show,” and it’s pretty heartbreaking. Unfortunately, it’s a conversation that needs to be happening in the social-media heavy world we live in.