You can tell from the opening percussion of “Am I Evil” that a storm is brewing. Then comes the gnarly, pseudo-Western guitar licks of Odd Couple, and the pace begins to pick up.

Within the lyrics, you’ll find a tone that’s slightly ominous. They do a little more than give a nod and wink to the perceived seedier side of life. And why not? Sometimes things are a little too safe, and it’s okay to go against the grain.

“Am I Evil” is attractive in how ruggedly psychedelic it is. But there’s a lining of sleek mod style as well.  Sure, it feels a little panicked at times, like its walking around looking over its shoulder, but that only adds to the element.

There’s a voice that comes at you with the sneer of Roger Daltry on “I Can See for Miles,” and by the end, you’re crashing through a wall and flying out of control. You’re stomping your feet and snapping your head a little too hard, all in the name of something a little more sinister. And that’s okay.