(Photo credit: Joachim Johnson)

NØVE is a bit of an enigma, but he was nice enough to talk with us on the heels of his recently released single “Let You Go.” There’s a risk a lot of newer artists take where they ride the wave of a particular release for too long hoping to strike gold again with that sound, or they’re just afraid to try something different.

But the LA-based artist isn’t one to let conventions dictate him. His new single isn’t necessarily the polar opposite of his breakout EP Dark Paradise, but it’s pretty damn close. It drips with precision and bursts solar flares. Given the 180, we knew we wanted to talk with him. It was a talk that started all the way back at the beginning of his musical journey.

So you’ve mentioned how growing up in Venice Beach was like growing up in Lords of Dogtown. How did that surrounding influence you?

Well, Venice is a huge melting pot; you have people from all different walks of life. A lot of my friends growing up were unique in their own way, but we all shared the same common bond of loving the ocean and skating around the neighborhood.

Although Venice has changed a lot, growing up in such a unique and weird culture kept me inspired. As an artist, the weirder and more cultured you are, the better your craft will be.

Most people don’t associate your style with the skate music scene, but I also imagine a lot of people generalize the area a bit too much. Did you pull anything from the skate music world and apply it to your sound?

I listened to everything from Bob Marley to Mac Dre and System of a Down. Having an eclectic taste in music as a kid influenced my music to cross a lot of genres. I’ve never been able to put myself in a box as far as what genre my music falls into.

It’s pretty cool that you can remember being pulled in by melodies more than anything else. Do you remember if there was a specific moment where you just noticed the melodies above everything else, and it all made sense, or were melodies kind of always your thing?

When I was old enough to understand and appreciate music, I remember being drawn into the melodies that the artists on the radio would sing. Those melodies would get stuck in my head faster than any lyric, and it remains the same for me today.

When it comes to melodies, which artists did you find yourself always coming back to, and how did you use your appreciation for melodies to grow your own style and sound? 

I have always favored melodies from female vocalists because they tend to be smoother and more sensual. I write my melodies with the same intent. Some of my favorites today are Adele, Lana del Rey, and Sade.

One more question about the past – is there a story behind your stage name? It’s kind of mysterious sounding, so we dig it – just curious.

Mysterious, ey? I think I’ll keep it that way (smiles).

So 2016 saw you release your EP Dark Paradise. How have things changed for you following that in terms of exposure to your craft and desire to create more?

The Dark Paradise EP was received fairly well, and it was a great experience to see how people reacted to my music. It was my first release and I feel like a first release can be daunting for any artist because you never know if people are going to vibe it or not. It’s really inspiring to see and feel how people react to your work, so that’s what keeps me going and wanting to continue to create.

With this single, “Let You Go,” how have you taken the elements of the EP and grown them?

To be honest, this single is a completely different vibe from the EP.  The EP was a fairly moody and emotional body of work. This track has a feel good energy to it; I wanted to invoke that feeling you get when you are falling in love with someone new.

The production is really damn slick on this, but still kind of twitchy as well. Did you work with Johnny What again? How did you come up with this particular ambiance for the track?

Thank you for the kind words. When it comes to production I always work with Johnny. Over the years we’ve developed an incredible synergy together and have always been on the same wavelength. As far as the ambiance goes, I wanted something that felt light-hearted and fresh, and Johnny captured that beautifully.

As your project continues to grow and morph, are there any styles or directions you’re tempted to go in? Anything stylistically you haven’t tried yet but are eager to?

I can’t say I ever try to sound any certain way, I just write what and how I feel. When I don’t try and force things, that’s when I get the best results.

Finally, what does 2017 hold for you? More releases, another EP, shows, a full-length, etc.?

I am definitely going to release a few more singles and possibly another EP. Expect some shows around Los Angeles this year as well.

For updates on upcoming shows and releases get in touch with me on my socials: http://www.novemusic.com//instagram: @its_nove_//twitter: @nove_music//facebook: /novesound