(Photo credit: Jordan Weins)

We wish every Monday could start out with a new song from Ottawa’s New Swears. Sure, their new LP and the Magic of Horses will be out June 23rd from Dine Alone records (available for pre-order now), but “Dance with the Devil” is so damn good that we can’t get enough of it.

The song feels like it opens right in the middle of something, like you’ve walked into a party that’s started, and you’re greeted by all with open arms. It has a 70s AM feel with some warbling guitar riffs and big-time rhythm fills. Great harmonies fit the scene perfectly – you can hear the trees blooming on the track.

New Swears use the track to take a look at the image culture that is too common in today’s world. With lines like “can’t stay cool forever” and messages about how one day you’re going to realize you spent too much time chasing a scene, you know where the quartet is coming from.

Going through “Dance with the Devil,” we can’t help but hear a blend of New York Dolls and Spider Bags. It eventually flips to a cooled down, sing-a-log final third, and it makes sense because you’ll want to do just that after getting together and spending some time with folks who really matter.