“Nobody Else” seems to be a paradox in motion. The Swedish duo of Ebba and Michael, known collectively as Wy, manages to strike a balance to find a sound that is as murky as it is ethereal. Words are wrapped tightly within a cocoon, locked away from the world, yet they still manage to tear down walls without hesitation.

This tragic, heartbreaking tale of attempting to convince one’s self they’re okay on their own, that avoiding the outside world is preferable, creates for a hypnotic scene to peer in on. “Nobody Else” opens with a light guitar chord, and the percussion walks on shaky ground. Glistening synth then begins to drip down, and the atmosphere opens into a full barrage of sparkling hues from all angles before shutting itself off from the world again.

Those glimmers of production can’t conceal the nature of the lyrics though. Ebba’s words try so hard to power through situations, and the words drag deep, yet they manage to skyrocket above the scene during an evocative chorus. For a situation that discusses a desire to play it safe, the track hardly does such a thing.

Vocal structures change as quickly as the undulations and extremes in production – the song never goes full throttle, but the listener experiences jolts. Towards the end, everything rises to another level as the inner battle spills forth towards a dramatic, beautiful, and haunting conclusion. Joey Smith

Editor's Note: Thanks to Jenn Woodard for hipping us to this. She runs the wonderfully curated Poetry in an Empty Coke Can, which features independent artists from the electronic and synth worlds.