Wood Lake

Let’s leave no doubt about it – “Hollow” punches you right in the chest. Ottawa trio Wood Lake teeter on the brink of doom metal, but they do just enough to pull the track back down to post-punk/post-rock altitude. So while the song is tagged as shoegaze, it’s definitely on the harder hitting end of that spectrum.

A very certain weight can be felt within the energy of the song, especially within the writing. “Hollow” is quite the balancing act - musically dark with vocals that shine a spotlight on potential moments of euphoria. Lyrically, Wood Lake seem to lack any feeling, which is interesting considering the intensity of every note delivered. They’re searching for a feeling though, just that something.

Providing quite the counterpoint to the muted chilliness of "Easy Love," we’ll see more how their world is created when their LP Hell is out in a little over two weeks. Joey Smith