“The Wandering” seems pretty self-aware. It may not be fully self-actualized, but the maturity and understanding of what you expect from life gets it pretty damn close. You get a classic pop punk sentimentality with instruments finding their way in one piece at a time before unifying for a bold statement as they look towards the future.

The Pacific Northwest’s cousin to the New Jersey/Long Island post-punk/pop punk sound, “The Wandering” is a powerhouse addition to the elasticity of the genre. In their words, you get a story of returning to one’s roots. While they’re not left with much, there’s always security in home. You gotta swallow the pride a little bit, but sometimes going back to what you know best is what you need.

Sure, with occasional rapidity that clears everything out of its way, there might be more songs written about home. But there’s a solace from the outside that’s needed, one that reenergizes to the point of being ready for what’s next. With a bridge that builds an almost holy observance before a clattering to a finale, you’re ready to see what that is.

You can pre-order their EP Shut Up and Fly now. It'll be out January 20th.

Joey Smith