(Photo credit: GOOD PALS)

Valley Hush, who have self-titled album coming out October 28th, have been leaving a scorching trail behind each of their singles thus far. “Concepts” is the latest to do just that. With the single, the Detroit artists focus on a track that is meant to help one examine their inner self in a truer, deeper fashion.

“Concepts” opens in an enormous void as stinging synth and a groundswell of percussion claw their way in. These rhythms have you moving your shoulders, and xylophonic interludes tweak the setting out a little bit. Clouds start to cover the track, but Lianna Vanicelli’s voice starts to fight them off.

A solace is being searched for in highly suspect locations while Alex Kaye’s production continues to undulate and drawl with flutters. Her voice becomes buried in the back of the track at the midpoint, and there’s a beautiful, sporadic fluidity to the balanced unpredictability.

While the voice is in the quieted state, it fulfills a mantra of motivation that powers things through. And the point becomes very clear: be you.  Go hard if you want; be wild if that’s who you are; be even-keeled if that’s what works for you. It’s okay to be full charged, and it’s just as fine to feel drained. Complexity is what makes us who we are. By the end, it seems like the brightness has taken over, but the last few seconds leave things open with a bit of a question mark, like seeing a film end with, “The End?”

Valley Hush’s self-titled album is available for pre-order, and we definitely recommend picking it up from The Record Machine now. Joey Smith