The Winter Tale EP lends itself to varying degrees of craftsmanship. Where Ummagma’s original feels tropical with layers of frost, A.R.Kane’s interpretation stretches across a vacant lot, like a shot from a John Ford film, inviting darkness in.

Ummagma starts “Winter Tale” off like the difficulty of waking up with the sun in one’s eyes – a state of being that, by the end, has you thinking maybe you’re actually somewhere between sleep and consciousness. You’re lulled into a hypnotic trance with loops and dulcet synth. Through the words, there’s waiting and wanting, and ice is melting. The flipside to all of this offers quite the contrast.

With thick guitar chords, A.R.Kane takes time to allow the remix of “Winter Tale” to build up. The waiting and wanting elements from the original are maximized to the nth degree to say the least. Their take on the single gazes at you from a distance while slowly beckoning you closer. A darkness builds that lends itself to styles of production reminiscent of the Who, going cosmically big before re-entering its shell. Joey Smith