(Photo Credit: Sean Hewitt & Chase Mason)

Tony Molina is a seemingly perfect embodiment of what punk music means in the modern age. That’s not to say other acts in the realm of the genre aren’t as deserving – there are quite a few who absolutely are – but there’s something about the conciseness to Molina’s music that fits the immediacy of the 21st century so nicely. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a keen sense of reflection on the world, Molina’s briefness speaks volumes. These are on display as masterfully as ever on his upcoming EP Confront the Truth.

With the new EP has come two new singles. “See Me Fall” exhales the ghost of Elliott Smith at his rawest. Produced with the most clarity Molina has maybe shown to date, the lead single delves into the strange feeling of having felt unloved while also being unable to shake said relationship from his mind. He’s constantly reminded of her one way or another within lyrics that are contained to about a thirty second block. The long-lasting presence of the presentation of the song is most noticeable though.

“Hung Up on the Dream,” possibly the most emotionally heavy track from the California artist thus far, was recently delivered as the second single. It seems like Confront the Truth is a move towards a darker direction, and it’s clear by how haunted Molina feels here. The feeling of discontent drags through the day, and having to deal with the insufferable nature of these thoughts make facing the day a real burden at times.

Slumberland Records will be releasing Confront the Truth, and you can pre-order it over on their site. If you’re already a fan, you’re going to be fascinated by this artistic reach. If you’re new to Tony Molina, it won’t take long to catch up, and you’ll be primed for when the EP is released on October 28th. Joey Smith