Terence Jack

When “Eastern Rise” opens on a blindingly glaring interstellar landing pad, you aren’t sure what you might get. Terence Jack and company then turn a sharp corner armed with striking guitars and booming drums. And the dirty bass groove that’s utilized, are you kidding? That’s classic rock ‘n’ roll punch right there.

You can tell the track was influenced by Jack’s trek across the globe, as it contains a wandering vagabond love at first sight mood to the lyrics. As anyone who’s spent a lot of time traveling might be willing to admit, some questionable choices happen, but every now and then, an angel will appear.

Rendering itself onto the listener as a behemoth of indie power pop rock, Jack’s rattling lower fidelity vocals add shaky passion to the track. Sometimes things seem conversational, but you can feel the energy bleeding forth. It’s an energy that we’re sure will be present on his upcoming EP. Joey Smith