Sunshine & The Blue Moon

When it comes to songs reveling in the state of love, there are quite a few times when it seems like we’re left feeling a little queasy afterwards. But Toronto act Sunshine & The Blue Moon deconstruct the aura surrounding the sensation to make it approachably honest.

As an airy hum of an electric organ welcomes “Sunshine & Lucy” in, a feeling of a spring morning with the windows open takes hold. An almost philosophical approach to love is carried through in the lyrics that are sung in a 90s alternative style. Thoughtful strums and guitar chords keep an approachable temperament to the track as it goes a step above a laissez faire daily routine.

There is nothing false or overstated to these expressions, and that’s where the genuine approachability lies for the single. A more contemplative nature to connection is structured through the band’s musicianship, and a light chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘yeahs’ don’t weigh anything down. It’s fitting then that a casual conversation about the basic nature of love closes “Sunshine & Lucy” in the most relatable of ways. Joey Smith