(Photo credit: Øystein Grutle Haara)

“We Are Trouble,” the latest single from Norwegian collective Strange Hellos, goes for broke many times. There’s a certain feeling of hearts skipping a beat in the lyrics, and the production has to weave its way towards a glittery light throughout. You wouldn’t have it any other way on a track that’s quite glorious though.

A rapturous power synth soundtrack takes over towards the beginning of the single as the song injects itself into your veins. It yearns to know how long a commitment may go on, but there’s no need to think too far ahead when a feeling of so much excitement is ever present. There’s something new to all of it, so why over think the situation? Maintaining the energy isn’t a problem, so why not harness it?

Overall, “We Are Trouble” is like being grabbed by the hand to partake in something when you might be standing off to the side in a sheepish manner. Connection through experiencing the now is realized, and it’s all you really need. You can hear the smile, and you can’t help but be swallowed up in the experience. Joey Smith