(Photo credit: Kate Mada)

With a nod-along, sliding clap rhythm opening the door for a fidgety horn solo, “Up To You” lets you know allure is about to follow. Saxsyndrum, a Montreal based trio, have spent a while crafting their fusion of electronic and jazz – two genres not traditionally linked in music, but two genres that definitely lend themselves to organic composition.

Shifts in momentum are quite common to the structure within the track, and they move ever so lithely. They add pieces, take some away, and deliver occasional horns with loops that run circles around your auditory system. It’s only then that airy words enter while the production eases itself into the background.

Singing in a manner akin to the family tree that gave birth to Sam Herring, the advancing action is left up to the song’s muse. All the power of moving forward is in their hands, and now we must wait to see how it will play out.

“Up To You” is heavily focused on the instruments, and the words just add another piece to this tapestry being sewn together. The song begins to fade, but you’re left with a beat that keeps you moving, ready to succumb to your impulses. Joey Smith