We knew Sahmbeau was working on some stuff. Maybe time just flew, but it seems like he was back at it a little sooner than expected. Of course, it also seems like he’s always ready to jump at the chance to create a new sound. So while we aren’t sure how to exactly classify 10月, it’s definitely nice to hear what he’s got going on while feeling the immediacy that sparks him to record.

The first sampling of Sahmbeau’s new work you get is “0076.” It’s a little chilly, but it also has this fantasy land of sound to it. Production runs across the scene and hides and reemerges with little pings of light peppered in there. Yet the track still remains a mystery, almost like a lucid dream. You get to understand the EP is a tasting menu, which is made clear on “0122.” There’s a bit of early 90s club feel, and it balances a low key approach with enough tempo to keep things moving. A piano culls upon a jazz club, but there’s a distinctive R&B presence to it for sure.

This bleeds into “0123” – a bit smoother and channeling a smoky night that turns into walking home while the sun is coming up. Moments bob, nod, and sway the night along. These nods give way to short bursts of exciting potential on “0125,” an appetizer to what you know can come from the producer. Sultry vocal loops play with intense moments of passion compressed into the tightest amount of time possible.

A little more jazz is sprinkled in with “0131,” which opens the door to “0127,” a track straight out of mid-70s era Motown. The production harkens back to when soul and funk had a little hint of gold to them. The track bounces around your head with a jittery twitch to it. And “0066” ties up the EP nicely with a sporadic cadence of drums overlaid with an alluring guitar.

Like we said – keep your eye on this dude. He’s got big ideas, and he’s making them happen. Joey Smith