Kristina is Red Sleeping Beauty’s first album in nineteen years. During that time, the band members have been through a lot, marked most notably by lead singer Kristina Borg’s victory with her battle against cancer. “We Are Magic,” through all of these trials, has emerged as the anthem for Red Sleeping Beauty, a band with a newly envisioned purpose. In their words, this is Red Sleeping Beauty 2.0.

The track is a shining, modern techno piece that strews glitter over the landscape. You might start in a dark room, but the surroundings start to vibrate before the walls eventually collapse. Beams of light shoot hope across this scene, blindingly so. Words of lovers and warriors create a mighty combination, fit for battle and unable to be defeated in the story’s mythology.

Sensing the unbridled joy and energy is an easy task. It’s almost impossible to keep from moving with the synth, and you bask in the same glow these lovers are existing in. The connection is intensely cosmic, and the safety and security the two discover within each other is a much needed force for good.

Willing to be uninhibited when fitting, and comfortable with acting stolid when required, “We Are Magic” carries a raw energy. You’re ready to be taken away by the spirit of the light by the time the track winds down. Joey Smith