(Photo credit: Nico Diszel)

The circumstances leading up to the making of Foxhole were less than perfect. There was some ill will amongst the band members. Two pianos were purchased accidentally. And to top it all off, there was a malfunction with the recording equipment, so it had to receive a serious ‘take two’. Through it all, an album was born.

“Memories,” the first single from the album, is meditative and sober. The aforementioned piano walks with a contemplative weight to carry. In spite of losing sight of certain aspects of life, clear memories of someone special still seem to exist. These memories fade eventually, but the rhythm section drags them out a bit longer than they might have expected.

A consistent tempo is held through the track. It’s stuck in a grey area of purgatory, along with that one person who just won’t leave the mind. Sometimes things are okay, but, even in the blinding whiteness of the sun, a face can still be seen.

Slumberland will be releasing the album in early 2017, and you can pre-order it now through their website. Joey Smith