(Photo credit: Line Slotnæs)

When discussing Heyerdahl’s video for “Acid Rain,” lead singer Kenneth Ishak mentioned how there’s not an event or story to focus on, but rather a portrait of a character and his thoughts. This sounds like a difficult premise conceptually, but Ishak, who was also the director, was able to pull it off.

The video opens with a man emerging from water in a symbolic gesture as a strutting percussive beat builds a fire that is offset by a tempered, mellow piano rhythm. It’s almost as you’re getting two beats trying to balance each other out as a tug-of-war ensues. While this is going on, our main character is passing through dilapidation before going deeper into the woods and a self-imposed isolation.

As the synth and percussive elements of the track speed up and look at each other to check the other’s pace, a narrative akin to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave takes hold. A musical cat-and-mouse continues while learning and discovery through darkness and dereliction begins.

Our central character notices a drawing on a wall – a drawing which, according to Ishak, is of his mind. Shadows and figures appear on the wall while a slumber sets in below words asking whether it all matters or not play out. According to Ishak, it doesn’t really matter how or why he’s ended up there.

It's a question that is addressed more fully on the band's debut album A Su Can Panther. You can pick it up now from Heyerdahl's bandcamp. Joey Smith