“Big Sur,” the latest single from Mauro Remiddi (aka Porcelain Raft), walks a fine line between the ephemeral and eternity. Off of the artist’s upcoming album Microclimate, the single feels like a big stretch that shakes off a sleep in order to display an understated clarity.

Remiddi has created a deeply rich sound with lush guitar chords that slide across a beautiful texture. His words paint a landscape with a very thick brush, a scenery that is painted with a thick brush and broad strokes. Most noticeable is how strikingly evocative “Big Sur” is, full of imagery that pops with vivid descriptions.

You get a sense that you’re staring up at a big sky while droplets of brightness flick on light years away. But the rises throughout, in both the production and the well-placed falsettos, bring you closer to those celestial bodies. As the track seems as if it could go on for days, you hear Remiddi say, “The answers are on the way.” You can’t help wanting to follow the voice to see what answers lie ahead.

Microclimate will be out February 3rd from Volcanic Field. You can pre-order it here. Joey Smith