Okay Kaya

A while back the Norwegian born, NYC based artist Okay Kaya wowed us so much with the dizzying atmosphere of “Damn, Gravity” that we had to do the rare song/video write-up of the track. This time the singer/songwriter has returned with a track so painful and minimalist that we’re left dealing with a depth of sadness that we haven’t handled in quite a long time.

“I’m Stupid (But I Love You)” deals with the unfortunate paradox that we all can understand. It’s almost certain that we all know or have known someone who has committed themselves to a relationship based on unrequited love. Tackling with the question we’ve wanted to scream at times (Why are you in this?!), Kaya Wilkins gives a platform and openness to heart-wrenching ordeals in the way that only the likes of the Antony Hegarty, Mike Hadreas, and Natasha Khan level of artists seem to address.

Maudlin, yet unfortunately very real, “I’m Stupid (But I Love You)” is going to facilitate discussions that will only probe further into the topic at hand, and for us, what more could you ask for from an art form? Joey Smith