MoneySign Hines has a new EP/mini-album out right now. On it, the Bronx based artist dives deep into soul and early R&B influences. It’s definitely worth checking out, and what better place to do so than with album opener “Stay on Your Toes”?

You get punched with that opening sax that gives the track the reverent, contemplative feel it deserves. We say that’s what it deserves because Hines is engaging in conversations that need to be happening as he looks in on a part of the country that’s painfully overlooked, even as its history is woven into the American fabric.

His words play like a warning and advice, but it’s deeper and more personal from a dude who has been in it. The production keeps its distance in order to let Hines take the center stage. He coolly urges folks to think about what they’re getting involved with by utilizing an unafraid frankness.

He then offers his most striking line of the track towards the end: “Believe in yourself as much as you believe in God.” That’s just the tip of the Carolina Farms iceberg.