Given that it was released eight days ago, “Wake up, O sleeper,” from the Singaporean band midst, seems almost fortuitous. Given the band’s relatively new presence on a larger, more international setting, to consider the track impressive in stature would be an understatement.

The vocals feel almost detached as they hover above a slow motion sunrise. In totality, “Wake up, O sleeper” feels deeply meditative, like each line comes delivered with a deep breath. As things appear to come to a close at the halfway point, the single begins pulling itself towards the glow for three more minutes. While gently tugging the listener out of a melancholic state, you may also find the track lodging itself in your tear ducts as a means of expressing relief or joy.

An EP is due out in the early part of this year, and, quite frankly, we are very interested to see what’s ahead. Joey Smith