The Medicine Hat

An unfortunate amount of shit, and there’s no clearer way of putting it unfortunately, helped to spur the Medicine Hat’s lead singer Nabi Sue Bersche to write an open request to St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music. After a ripping opening of mammoth sonic proportions kicks “St. Cecilia” off, Bersche says, “I forgot how I could talk back to the dog that pursues me.” The words are directed at the men who have harassed the singer and the steps she has to take -  mentally, emotionally, and physically - to shield herself from all of the nonsense.

The rhythmic clip of the percussion lunges on occasion, and these lunges are met with sporadic roaring guitars and whirling synth. Feeling completely frustrated with her current situations and how dreams have taken her to a place surrounded by the unsavory, Bersche reminisces about how she used to be kind. This is where the request for help from St. Cecilia comes in, and with a harmonious explosion, like gazing into the center of a spotlight, she arrives.

Bersche is tired of holding back, but there seems to be a bit of regret for reacting viscerally to the tiring behavior directed towards her for simply being. A callousness has built up, but it’s ridiculous that, in 2016, she has to build a defense because human decency can’t figure itself out. However, she elevates herself above this, and the track takes on a spiritual level with a backing track that goes to a confessional while power chords are playing. The Medicine Hat reach for the heavens, but they don’t have to go far with the intervention that swoops down. Joey Smith