The Medicine Hat

“New Survival” opens with a frantic and frenetic sound that is addictive in the way it plants itself deep inside your brain. As the listener is pulled into the hyperactivity from the outset, there’s a slight worry that all involved will run out of energy before the chorus. But when the Hamilton, ON quartet break into the chorus of the track, the world opens up immensely.

While the bass and drum play it even-keeled then accelerate with maximum velocity when needed, the lyrics make it clear that this song was written to embody the transformation that Nabi Sue Bersche experience. “It doesn’t resolve with any answers, but it does resolve with hope,” she says. So although some things have passed you and moved on, you won’t be the one to cry. In this case, she’s starting on a road with a head held high while building a more stable support network.

“I will be there with you at the end” approaches whatever lies ahead with a grace and courage that commands respect. Musically the rest of the band doesn’t just stand you up straight, they actively march forward locked arm-in-arm. Given their reputation at their live shows, we imagine they just might do that. Joey Smith