The beauty of “Bless Your Heart” makes it a bit difficult to write about. We really try to avoid clichés like ‘glorious’ and ‘stunning’ when describing a piece, but In Light Of make it really difficult to do so. The duo of Jason Greenberg and Sandy Johnston aren’t in the same town, but you wouldn’t know that by the way the single sounds so organic.

Peeling and shedding its skin in slow motion, “Bless Your Heart” is like witnessing a sunrise at the precipice of the farthest horizon. It elongates itself – stretching, growing, emerging with a sprawl – in a manner that is destined for patience and temperance in the face of a world that demands immediacy. Tapering percussion and buzzing guitar strings with turned down amps appear at just the right time.

“Bless Your Heart” eventually finds a plateaued groove before discovering the energy to continue pushing itself closer to the brightness. As the type of track where the tears come from unbridled joy, it runs to the edge of the cliff before pulling up in order to stare out at a bright, glowing swirl. Joey Smith