If you do a search for Port aux Basques, you’re greeted with images that seem like they’re from a bygone era – a beautifully quant community right on the water where the houses seem close enough together to build a community, but far enough apart to appreciate your personal space. It seems like the type of place where, when thinking about where to spend six months writing and searching for inspiration, this is one of the first mental images that comes to mind. Obviously there's more to the place, but that only makes it even more intriguing.

When you hear “Rain” then, you can feel the presence of those photographs within, something that appears so beautiful, but carries some weight as well. The song starts with an alternative twist on classic chord progression. Shifting in its musical realms, “Rain” has bits of folk coupled nicely with a modern pop vocalization. Strings also find a nice home here as well. Given the weather patterns this time of year for Newfoundland and a large portion of the northern hemisphere, there’s an astonishing lushness to the track that feels much more like renewal than hiding from the cold. And that’s a well appreciated escape, even if it’s only in the mind for right now.

LeRiche’s debut EP Quiet Steady will be out in the summer of 2016. Joey Smith