“I’m Glad” could have been a very different song. Marti Sarbit, who spearheads the Lanikai project, mentioned the tone changed when she heard a new track from her peers in Slow Leaves. After hearing what she refers to as a “gorgeous, uplifting sentiment about humanity,” she decided to make her song a much more positive experience in spite of it being influenced by seeing a dispute on the bus one day.

The single opens with the confession of Sarbit staying awake pondering her faith in humanity. She's thinking about all of these troublesome matters, but she shifts her focus to think about the positive of having people close to her. Those who she wants near are just that, and it’s important to remember that, in this grand world in which we live that’s full of confusion and pain at times, it’s the little things that matter. Life may drag while growing more problematic, but there’s always that constant.

As horns and auxiliary instruments begin to kick into gear, a swell of sound takes hold with a mix of 60s soul and psychedelia. But these sounds aren’t overbearing or attempting to shoulder too much of that nostalgia. The production is divinely inspired by George Martin, and the music takes over for the last two minutes to explode forth in a ray of positivity. The self-titled EP is out November 18th, and you can pre-order what the experience will hold from iTunes now. Joey Smith