Kristin Kontrol
(Photo credit: Jimmy Fontaine)

X-Communicate is a solid album, so it’s a bit surprising to read there was something actually missing from the final output. “Baby Are You In?” was recorded during the sessions, a song Kristin Kontrol admits to loving everything about, but it was left off. Luckily, we’re in the digital age, and the ability to get this out makes it possible to enjoy X-Communicate even more now.

Lyrically, there seems to be an appreciation for the day – awaking afresh and starting anew. This is juxtaposed by a production that has no problem gaining steam after an initial respite. But as you squint to observe the work, you begin to see something approaching. Electronic percussion slices its way through, and synth begins to sound an alarm of sorts – whatever is in store cannot be turned back.

While the presence of this setting appears to lead to a bleak outcome, Kristin’s voice is unwavering as the tones rush past her. Her even-keeled mannerism steps towards the ominous surroundings where others would more than likely retreat to safety. And it’s because she understands where this ends.

Isolation is addressed, which is fitting for the enormity of what she appears to be facing. So you expect to be taken under in the closing seconds, but then a complete stop. The inevitable break from the darkness finds Kristin peeling her skin back, exposing vulnerability, and allowing the light to then envelope her.

If for some reason you haven't listened to X-Communicate yet, you can hear it in its entirety below. Trust us - you'll want to grab it from the Sub Pop store after you do. Joey Smith