“God Up” has a stark holiness that opens it up. Kipp Stone is speaking, and the first ten seconds feel almost like a dark hymnal before the bottom falls out of the beat. The Cleveland based rapper is ready to elevate things though – he can’t get back lost time or decisions that have been made, so it’s only best to keep charging forward. This is while a beat from Blokhead Johnny delivers a backing vocal track of a chanting “ooo” that takes you down a dim corridor.

At times it seems like “God Up” is aimed at people who have lost their fire or focus, which might fit the metaphor of the production searching around in those corridors to find realms of deep house and intergalactic beats interspersed. That beat appears to find the exit, and you think the light is right there, but the beat’s endpoint keeps moving further away while Stone’s bars pull back from the hyperdrive they could explode towards. He’s in god mode, and he can see through this path when others can’t. The end of the track sees the beat hit a wall, but you know he keeps on powering onward. Joey Smith