“Pure Luxury” is one of those tracks where you just unravel into it. You simply melt in the experience and aura created by Kat Vinter. Once the track begins, you’re put in an open, empty space with interspersed vocals that drip in every few seconds. That room fills up quickly.

As the beat takes shape, you can see the formation of the single’s body happening. There’s a lush sensuality to the words as well – imagery drapes over you with a production that never overpowers. Where the power focuses is Vinter’s voice, almost effortless while an illumination spins around the room.

However, these are lyrics that don’t stick around for too long. “Pure Luxury” relies on the idea of saying less and allowing the moment to hold you. It reaches a cruising speed to find a sensual comfort with no need to overexpress itself too much. You wouldn’t have it any other way. Joey Smith