Justin Michael Williams

The opening piano chords of “Here With Me” are elegant, somber, and beautifully drawn out before Justin Michael Williams’ enormous falsetto hits you. “I wish you were here with me” dives deep into your being as the LA based artist is “overtaken by the pain we face in the world today,” as he stated when discussing the track.

Extreme longing exists within atmospheric isolation. A feeling of a cold swirl of loneliness circles over, but it’s in no rush as it glides itself in, hovering above the song. Devastation rushes forth in the form of harmonies and pounding drum beats that are thunderous and threatening. No escape exists as the walls are falling in.

But the dichotomy of the one beam of light, Williams’ voice, holds the walls up.  A message so heavy can’t help but be felt, but there’s still a feeling that there might be a hope or balance. We hope so anyway. Joey Smith