Jus Gamble

For better or worse, we usually don’t cover too many instrumental/vocal-less tracks on here. Maybe we just haven’t been looking hard enough. Or maybe we were just lazy. So when I heard Jus Gamble’s “Wherever We Go,” I about jumped out of my chair. This track is simply hot. It’s so fire that it could melt gold, but it’s cool enough to solidify the stuff right back again. You can hear his varied musical upbringing in what he creates, and this track is no exception.

Something about the track screams RZA with more toned down funk and neo-soul to create a gritty, bare-to-the bone cypher beat (if you’re unfamiliar, just think about most NYC borough hip-hop acts from the early 90s that you’re familiar with). While the main units are looping and re-tracing their footsteps, Gamble doesn’t stick to just the one formula as he throws enough twists and turns in there to keep you on your toes. He parlays the featured beat into a series of warp and electro symphonic to keep “Where We Go” fresh enough.

His SoundCloud is enormous and is well deserving of a rabbit hole. Just be ready, especially if you’re into producing or sampling, to keep going back to what he’s doing though. JS