Julia Jacklin

To say we’ve been a bit obsessed with “Pool Party” might be an understatement. Julia Jacklin makes it really hard not be in spite of the heavy message on hand. Since joining the Polyvinyl family, the Australian artist has been making steady rumbles with the single. And, as if the song needed another layer to pull you in, the video is sadly beautiful as well.

“Pool Party” is the slow dance at a modern sock-hop that's held steady by a rhythm section making sure the chill of the track lodges itself firmly inside of you. Closeness isn’t to be found within this setting though. Heartbreaking, yet decidedly gorgeous, isolation is rooted within the storytelling – an isolation well depicted within the video.

Jacklin’s narrative starts with what seems like a lifelong familiarity between two people. These characters are so interconnected, yet the separation is so apparent – as seen in the dance sequences – when coupled with an inability to escape this bond even after it’s well ended. Clarity beyond the tension of the situation then becomes quite clear in the sense of substance abuse.

Definitely alt-country in a way that captures a topic the greats would warmly accept, Jacklin displays a yearning that is so common in these situations of addiction – imploring someone to try based on the fact that the requestor simply cares about them. We’re unsure if it’s autobiographical or not, but it sounds convincing. With this style of writing, it’s hard to not see big things coming up soon. Joey Smith