(Photo credit: Angel Ceballos)

“Memories Are Now” coolly strolls in. It has a deep beat that plucks away as it strides down the street turning a monochromatic environment into a warm environment. As Jesca Hoop says, “I’m only here” on the title track to her upcoming album (out February 10th via Sub Pop), she seems to shed herself of burden as she progresses forward.

In step with the words, her music proceeds with head held high and a spine tightly straight. Hoop isn’t going to be bothered by the feeble attempts of others to suppress her, and she's more than happy to tell people to GTFO in more polite terms. Her confidence is addictive, and it’s the type of energy we need right now. Simply empowering.

With gorgeous harmonies that don’t shake and only add to the feeling of solidarity, Jesca Hoop is turning away the naysayers. The statements and musicality of it are so subtle that you can’t help but catch the occasional chill. “Memories Are Now” shows that not everything that makes you want to put a fist in the air has to be raucous or overpowering. Seriously – this is what we need right now.