(Photo credit: Robbie Simon)

Unfolding like a slow motion frame that is zooming in, “Flower Glass” is pleasantly melancholic and absolutely delicate in structure. Meg Duffy, who goes by the moniker Hand Habits, understands personal faults and weakness with an almost heart-breaking self-awareness in her approach to honesty.

There’s a fear of the partnership’s uncertainty, but Duffy is willing to hold the other person as lightly as needed to prevent any fractures. As the music glides in for a landing, one brittle step at a time is taken. “Flower Glass” eventually leaves light indentations on the ground as it gains weight, but you can also see a fragility to it.

Meg Duffy pauses to check the song’s footing at times as hope is held out for. She lays herself bare across a gorgeous arrangement of chords as she decides to do what it takes to survive for now. The situation is treated in a special, singular manner, even if it might not be, but that won’t detract Duffy from striving to continue onward.

Hand Habits will be releasing Wildly Idle (Humble Before the Void) on February 10th. You can pre-order it now. Joey Smith