“You’re Not Real,” from Athens-based band Gláss, is the quickest hypnotic trance we’ve succumbed to in recent memory. The track plods along in a seemingly ambivalent manner while carefully navigating around any sense of brooding. Off of the upcoming February 5th release Accent, lead vocalist and guitarist Aaron Burke’s strums are at first a stroll above the rattling percussion of Sam Goldsmith.

Burke’s vocal fluctuation is calmly minimalist as a trembling sunset appears in the horizon. Ary Davani’s bass lines walk step-in-step behind you, but more as a protector than as an ominous spirit. You expect the drum roll to fade, but you’re greeted by a shadier twist. As you hope for an upturn, the outcome doesn’t look too positive with the almost guttural closing tension. And that actually makes us want for more. Joey Smith