Sometimes I feel like I just need to pack my bags and spend way to long exploring every independent artist in Sweden. Our love for the Gothenburg scene is as deep as it is well known, and it’s not just the usual suspects who light a fire for us. Sounds run deep there, and it’s a place where artists know their history and whose shoulders they’re standing on. We’re not positive, but we wouldn’t be surprised if dissertations have been written on the Swedish pop world. If such a paper does exist, hopefully it’s open to revisions because Futile are looking to etch their name into that realm.

“Lust for Life” opens with an incredible old-school funk percussion before electrifying itself. The quartet delivers the type of beat that either starts the night off, or it ends with everyone being dragged off the dance floor. Unrepentant in the message of adoring life, Futile are urging us to shed ourselves of blandness. At an even more personal level, there’s a connection where people can feel each others desire to be free, so why not humor these feelings?

Even if the parts of the story don’t find their outlet, the listener surely will. Joey Smith