(Photo credit: Paris Seawell)

Haunting and entrancing, a synth harpsichord beckons you into “Future Never Comes.” It’s then that a crawling spread of light dissipates into an engrossing, unfamiliar world. Fifi Rong’s voice is ethereal and breathless while the words portray doubt and fear. And it’s her voice that exudes the deeper understanding beyond the track – a desire to reach a plane that is beyond this current realm.

Darkness drips from the brush of Rong, and moments of intergalactic bursts and solar flares burn bright when needed. She seems to be not built for this earth, so she does what she can with her current situation. To stick with the painting comparison, the production offers a drizzling glow towards the end, never splashing the canvas or bursting too bright before floating into the unknown.

Of course the video, directed by Paris Seawell, adds a touch of intrigue to the track. It opens with the sun cresting over the world while Rong stands in a darkness with a glow cast over her. There are interspersed shots of isolated nature and an occasional sea of red filters over. A kaleidoscope style of color spins you around while bright, nova style colorings appear in the background. You begin your solo mission through the universe, and, rather fittingly, it ends with that ominous red tone. Joey Smith