Empathy Test

The murky opening atmosphere of Empathy Test’s “Demons” is like stepping through a synth filled bog. It’s a little slow moving, but regardless of the path taken, the trek seems to be a necessary one considering what unfolds.

“All my dreams have flown away – all my vision with the wind” are the first words you hear while a beat conjures images of a dystopian society walking in step to the verse. A chance to be with someone has finally arisen, but now uncertainty about the desire takes hold. “Demons” then takes a breath – and a release. Isaac Howlett’s lyrics shut out the thing that might be good for him while Adam Relf’s production serves as a hovering glow, like the chilling beauty of the northern lights.

While our protagonist has ended up with someone who instigates his most questionable desires, the production loops back around. Stillness of the dark you’ve been walking through is captured with intermittent brightness that whizzes through the night sky. Feelings expressed are polar opposites with no middle ground, but this the fate bestowed upon him for now. Joey Smith