(Photo credit: Philippe Beauséjour)

Montreal outfit Duchess Says has been charging at it for a while now. Their first LP came out eight years ago, and the bands they've toured with run the gamut. But if you’re thinking they’re going to slow down after years of frenetic, lightning-in-a-bottle output both in and out of the studio, you couldn’t be any more off the mark. As “I Repeat Myself” shows, they seem to be firing on all cylinders with a sound more precise than ever.

From their upcoming LP Sciences Nouvelles, the single is a late night pulp movie futurism piece rife with power synth that is jittery and imposing in a sound that goes full throttle. “I repeat myself” is stated quite a bit, sometimes with variances, sometimes not, while Annie-Claude Deschenes’ words seem stuck in a robotic, manufactured life of no surprises.

The bass lines are a slugfest of power, the guitars are blitzing buzzsaws, and the percussion is a force that keeps everything from careening out of control. Repetition of the lyrics adds a sense of suspense in a clever way to the world that is a neon haunted house in outer space. A desperate rupturing of the vocals comes forth as the need to break free from this cycle is ever present.

You’re stomping, shaking, and being overpowered by the holy ghost of darkwave before landing back on earth. And the breakthrough starts to happen when initial closure begins. Joey Smith