If you head to Djustin’s website to read the duo’s bio, the blurb starts off with, “When the universe brings together two superstitious middle children…” When you hear “Stars,” it absolutely makes sense that the universe is integral to the Detroit/Stockholm crew of Johan Angergård and Rose Suau. What happens on the single is something perfected after years of friendship, and we’re the lucky beneficiaries of the relationship.

Angergård delivers big time production – there’s no other way around it. Every synth beat, every transition in tempo dazzles and glows. The aura is radiant, scintillating, and about every synonym for a fiery atmosphere that you can come up with. Fate takes Suau’s lyrical focus in what feels like an epic battle that pits two against the world, all of this delivered in a manner that's seems vocally uncomplicated of course.

When you get right down to it, “Stars” is a floor burner. You’re stomping your way through the track exerting more energy than you ever imagined you would during the listening process. By the end, you find yourself looking at a union so dynamic that all you can do is root for this partnership to shoot off into the heavens. Joey Smith