What initially began as an expected one-off project among Carmen Elle, Joseph Shabason, and Kieran Adams, DIANA has taken on a life of its own. Their initial LP, Perpetual Surrender, was met with remarkable praise, so the natural progression seemed to say, “Why not try out a second?” As to be expected, the sound on “Confession,” the album’s first single, is tighter and more nuanced. If music is an auditory IV, prepare to inject this one for a while.

You’re greeted with a perpetual 360 degree dynamic of synthesized percussion in full stereo sound. It’s one of those tracks where, with each beat and production adjustment, you feel like you need to let it all out. The sounds are full of elegant, sophisticated nods to 80s inspired dance/electro pop. And while the track isn’t exactly chilly, you do need a light jacket, especially once Elle’s words begin.

With a clarity from hindsight on the situation, Elle begins to discuss how she, as the narrator, did just enough to get by in the relationship. Her confessional is not one of guilt or sorrow, but rather it’s the admission of not feeling sorry about how particular actions might have sabotaged the relationship. While you wait for a produced eruption to come, DIANA choose a path of restraint, possibly to offset the inexorable frankness of the lyrics. Hearing such a direct tone may be uncomfortable, but you still feel like dancing in slow-motion through the end of it all.

You can pre-order Familiar Touch through the Culvert Music site today. It’s out November 18th. Joey Smith