We spoke with Stockholm-based Linneá Talp about a month and a half ago leading up to the release of DEEREST’s EP XX, but now that it’s out, we knew it deserved a fresher listen through the perspective we had been given.

Delicately nimble and minimally constructed as it begins to float into the ether, it’s easier to understand what Talp was going for on “Heavy Heart.” She felt disconnected from herself, and the track definitely makes that apparent. The chorus production drops in like a massive weight while you can see how the song is about being trapped within one’s self. But the weight of it all becomes a distant image as the track evaporates at the end.

Talp mentioned the feeling of distance being ever present in the EP, and you can certainly tell. Bellowing woodwinds create an airy chill within “Shiver” as the artist explores shame and guilt almost methodically. You can tell she’s examining the various layers and exploring the nuances of these feelings, and instrumental pieces of the track politely position themselves in at just the right moment. These moments silently ask for permission and then introduce themselves at just the right time.

Closing out the EP is “Will You Carry Me,” which arranges and assembles itself before you. It’s possible she expected to be a pillar of strength but may now need some support while small symphonic movements create striking portraits and hulking elements that are brought to a halt at a moment’s notice. These moments come to an end that feels more like a ‘to be continued’ as she continues this search. We’re looking forward to seeing it continue.

You can hear the full EP on Spotify now.