Dear Blanca

We’ve covered Dear Blanca before with "Huff," but I swear, there’s something about “Temporary Solution” that, if listened to at just the right level, you’re going to get helplessly covered in chills. Like hair on the back of the neck standing up type of stuff.

This is the first single from the band’s upcoming EP I Don’t Mean to Dwell, and you may be tempted to say it sounds like it could be pulled straight out of a modern Buzz bin. The track has kind of a Counting Crows vibe with a branch of Uncle Tupelo’s family tree going on. Honestly, it all starts off like a nice alt-rock/folk/country stroll is coming. But then, wow.

Dylan Dickerson’s voice has a rattled weather that juxtaposes in a gripping manner over a guitar that barely rises above a middle tempo. Vocals tremble deeply while the rhythm section of Marc Coty and Cam Powell guides “Temporary Solution” along. The Columbia, SC trio look for some steady ground to stand on, and they may have the balance to find it yet. Joey Smith