Dear BlancaColumbia, SC’s Dear Blanca is a band that I have to thank our pals over at Amigo for turning us onto. Their recent full-length release, Pobrecito, is an outstanding sophomore effort, and any song from it could hold its own as a standalone single. But the track that moved me above the others was definitely “Huff.” Is it the best track on the album or lead single considerable? I don’t know, I just write about stuff I love, and if there's one song that's really moved me lately, it’s this one.

Opening with a drum kick and melodic guitar movements, lead singer Dylan Dickerson’s voice has a shaky confidence. You can hear the vocals digging in their heels while also showing a steady tremble. The lyrics are honest… full of post-punk integrity and Steve Earle’s honesty. And Dayne Lee’s harmonies and verses expand the track's horizons. Musically, you could throw it into the folk, alt-country, or southern subgenres if you wanted to, but this is distinctively indie, so I think “Huff” (and the rest of the album) is best served under that umbrella. Regardless of how you categorize it, Pobrecito firmly and deservedly earns a “get it now” endorsement. JS