Dark Mean have no problem admitting they operate under a rigid attention to detail. The latest single to emerge from these calculated sessions of Skype calls, file sharing, and weaving around their daily lives is “Settle Down,” a track that obtains precision to detail with patience and depth.

The Ottawa/Hamilton band slowly crack the door open with the narrowest of light beams. Lonely chords are greeted with an intermittent rhythmic strum as a contemplative voice says, “I guess we’ll see what you’re made of.” It’s unclear whether this is directed inwardly or projected outwardly, but nonetheless, the result is equally effective.

“Settle Down” peels back in a way that isn’t afraid to expose weaknesses, and it’s also unafraid of the scars that may heal these wounds. Atmospheres begin to engage in a slow warm that’s more realistic and relatable than the forced conclusions we’re often met with. A steady-handed drum pairs with the faintest of strings to melt ice that unearths a piano that readies you for a new beginning. Then, antithetical to the slow burn that built the track, a striking full stop is given to the track. Joey Smith