(Photo credit: Mark Saunders)

“Forget It’s Good” is, musically, the kind of fuzz that isn’t too overpowering – think of it more as cozy than fuzzy, you can feel the fire in front of you. But it only stays that way for a bit, as the percussion waves away some of the haze. And while this track is being set into place? The words greet you almost immediately with what feels like a big stretch before going out into the world.

You can see in the words that the outfit fully recognize that people are starting to lose it in their lives, and it’s bleeding into society. But at times it seems like all you can do is observe and shrug because, well, what the hell else can you do? Throughout, this verbal acknowledgement of chaos is met with slight down-tempo moments that are then hit with a crashing force. These moments go back and forth several times.

A definite momentum is captured, but it eases up again. “Forget It’s Good” is contemplative throughout this struggle between temperance and excess though. The way the words of the title are delivered makes you wonder if forgetting is good or if you should forget that something is good because it’s temporary. Either way, for a band that’s relatively new, this is a solid introduction. Joey Smith