There’s something about that opening riff of “Errands” that transports you. It carries a specific ponderance that, even without knowing the story behind the song, is palpable. Given that artists and bands from Canada are absolutely killing it this year, it’s unsurprising that Casper Skulls continue that trend.

“Errands” is the perfect equipoise to the audacious ripper that was the previously released “Devotion.” It’s kind of Parquet Courts, kind of Smashing Pumpkins, and kind of Stephen Malkmus, which they get enough I’m sure, so apologies for that one. The tone lands so well with the background of the song – Neil Bednis imaging what it would be like to do errands for someone who has died, but he didn’t really get along with.

You can definitely sense a dragging feeling of dreading the responsibility at hand. There are guitar sounds that stretch out to make everything seem a little heavier. Bass grooves act like a dangling carrot to keep you slogging along, and it doesn’t take long to see how both folks in the story have their share of skeletons in the closet. The survived tries to fight against this feeling, but there’s not too much effort against it.

With an EP out in a couple of weeks, which you can pre-order at iTunes, it’ll be interesting to see where the band continues to bend their sound towards. Joey Smith