London based Producer Charlie Tait (Cambio Sun) is clearly on the cusp of greatness with his second track, ‘Weight of The World’. The song follows ‘Intuition’, an equally heady track very much in the realm of brilliant ambient hip hop. With this track I almost want to scream for Cambio Sun to do more. The teasing of two outstanding songs over the course of a year is simply unbearable.

‘Weight of the World’ opens like a head rush. It invades your senses before dropping you into the calm. Expertly layered and produced, the enigma certainly gets to be too much once the luminous vocals come in. As if Bon Iver, James Blake, and the Weeknd had a love child (a prospect which I wholeheartedly welcome), the vocals are the aural equivalent of light.

Evocative and rolled out immaculately over 5 minutes, the starting and end points are miles apart. ‘Weight of The World’ displays deft musical ability and uncommon prowess. Be sure to keep an eye on Cambio Sun, because it’s clear that he is due for big things. NI