Bombay Harambee

When Little Rock, Arkansas’ Bombay Harambee first crossed our ears, it hit us like a ton of bricks or a ten ton truck – take whichever cliché you prefer. “Interval” doesn’t really allow for much pause, and the only solace from the tone is provided briefly in the middle of the track. You’re given a chance for a very quick deep breath before the ride starts, and you better be ready.

As an unwitting passenger in a car driven by aggressive tendencies, you’re greeted to the full strutting proclamation that “it’s time to stupefy and wonder.” Enormous 80s punk audacity that’s more like the acts of Jello Biafra and Tesco Vee than many modern punk bands tend to conform to, this is the type of punk that shakes you to life. “Interval” feels like a demolition, but it’s really a megalith from four punks from Little Rock.

Their LP Goldmine is due out in February, and you can guarantee we’ll have more to say about that. Joey Smith